Gold Prices

Gold prices are gaining more attention in the global market, as economic conditions continue to look ominous. Expert projections are calling for interest rates to rise, as well as a subsequent inflationary cycle, which traditionally accompanies those rising rates. Our government has maintained low interest rates for so long, that the nation’s GDP, or Gross Domestic Product has fallen by 6.1% for the first quarter of 2009. This follows a 6.3% GDP decline for the final quarter of 2008, which is the first time since 1947, that our country has suffered a GDP decline of more than 4%, for two consecutive quarters. Some experts attribute this phenomenon to economic “backlash”, resulting from years of government manipulated interest rates, as well as the massive overprinting of our nations’ currency over the past four years.

All of these factors have also contributed to the decline of our nations’ dollar values, and many savvy investors are closely monitoring those dollar values, because they traditionally share an inverse correlation with gold prices. It certainly is no secret that the spot price of gold is projected to break its’ all-time high of $1033 by early summer, so today’s falling dollar values could mean significant profit potential for gold investment in the near future. Gold prices are also dependant on which type of gold investment best suits individual investors’ specific financial needs. An investor, who has carefully evaluated his or her specific financial needs, is advised to contact a reputable, large volume precious metal dealer, like the Certified Gold Exchange. Their team of gold investment specialists has decades of combined experience in precious metals investing, and can also offer competitive gold prices.

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