Gold Price Per Kilo

To calculate the gold price per kilo you begin with the current spot price, the most widely published20 st gauden f 0001 Gold Price Per Kilo and referenced benchmark.

The spot price is the trading price of gold futures contracts on the commodity exchanges and it changes throughout the trading session. Because daily variations in price are often significant, the spot price typically refers to the closing price for that day.

One kilogram is equivalent to 32.15 troy ounces, or roughly one third the size of the standard 100-ounce futures contract on the New York exchange, making the spot price a reasonable indicator for the retail price of one-kilo gold bars. Because the spot is reported in dollars per troy ounce, finding the gold price per kilo is simply a matter of multiplying the published price by 32.15.

If the spot price were $1,750 per ounce, for example, the gold price per kilogram would be $1,750 X 32.15 = $56,262.50. Due to their high unit price, one-kilo gold bars are mainly of interest to banks and institutional investors who hold large gold reserves.

All of the major producers of gold bullion bars – most notably Pamp Suisse, Credit Suisse, and Johnson Matthey – offer one kilo gold bars so they are readily available on the retail market through the leading gold exchanges such as the Certified Gold Exchange. While some of the larger individual investors who physically hold their assets may find one-kilogram bars attractive for their ease of storage, that convenience comes at a price.

The market for one-kilogram gold bars is naturally considerably smaller than that for the much more common one-ounce bars, so large bars may be somewhat less liquid. In addition, smaller bars and coins offer greater flexibility should the need arise for an alternative currency.

None-the-less, knowing the price of gold per kilogram is becoming increasingly important for everyone seeking to protect their retirement by transferring their assets into a Gold IRA.

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