Gold Price Charts

A great many fine people gain confidence through the use of visual aids, and I encourage any prospective gold investor to benefit from the historic evidence that gold price charts present. Tentative investors are advised to pay particular attention to gold prices throughout the 1970s, which coincided with a relentless, long-term inflationary cycle that lasted into the 1980s. Most people don’t require the aid of gold price charts to recall the byproducts of the vicious recession of the 70’s, which included “odd, and even” gas pumping days, a withering U.S. dollar, desolate stocks and bonds returns, and bombastic interest rate, and inflationary sadism.

During the 70’s, inflation outpaced Wall Street and banking investment gains by a country mile, while interest rates were hiked more than 100 times. If these two simultaneous phenomena don’t embody economic sadism, then who in the world knows what does.

Conversely, another economic byproduct of the 1970s was gold’s meteoric rise in value. Early gold investments in the 1970s made nearly 1000%, which any gold price charts would clearly demonstrate. Many of today’s investors and financial experts are drawing more and more parallels between our present economic condition, and that of the turbulent 70’s. These savvy investors are converting their wealth into physical gold holdings like bullion bars, bullion coins, and rare coins, to capitalize on potential short-term gains, while building long-term financial stability for the future. Investors are encouraged to complete their research, and then to contact one of our friendly specialists, who offer institutional discounts to household investors like you.

Vic Fox

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