The Government Shutdown & Gold Prices

The U.S. government is, for all intents and purposes, closed for business as a result of our “leaders” being unable to find common ground in regards to spending and debt. Neither side wants to budge and their strong will (or stubbornness, depending on how you see things) is making life tougher for many Americans. Examples include: -The police officers patrolling the White House grounds when a woman went on a rampage in her car last… Read More

J.P Morgan Gold Recommendations, Wildly Fluctuating Gold Price Related

J.P. Morgan has a good reason to recommend gold – they own a lot of the stuff. Investment bank J.P. Morgan recently reiterated its stance to clients that it was bullish on gold, prompting some of J.P. Morgan’s household and institutional clients to increase their gold positions. J.P. Morgan is currently long on gold, and they have a tendency to move from short to long, in very large volume. This back and forth movement has… Read More

Is the Gold Price Trend Bullish or Bearish?

The gold spot price’s lowest mark in the last 30 years was $252 (2001) and since that time gold has shattered record after record in its upward pursuit. Most people know that gold reached $1900 per ounce in recent years, but other than highlights on the evening news few people know exactly how gold has performed since reaching that historic mark. Here are the facts: In the last 12 years gold has risen from $252… Read More

Why Don’t Gold & Silver Prices Always Move in the Same Direction?

A large number of factors go into determining gold and silver spot prices, and while many of these factors overlap into both the gold and silver markets anomalies are sometimes seen. Just last week I logged onto to check spot prices from home and while gold was down a few dollars the silver spot price was up $0.24 per ounce, a pretty significant move for the white metal. What caused this movement in opposite… Read More

2013 Gold Demand Supporting Prices Better Than in 2012

The World Gold Council has just released the latest version of its Gold Demand Trends guide and the figures show that demand for physical gold has been much stronger thus far in 2013 than at any point during 2012. Despite multiple price collapses that saw gold go from $1600 to $1300 and then from above $1300 to less than $1200, institutional and household buyers have continued to support the yellow metal. Some of the factors… Read More

The Gold Price: Recovery or Bouncing Ball?

After climbing from $252 in 2001 to over $1900 per ounce in 2011 the gold spot price has undergone a tumultuous couple of years. There was so much talk about the ever-elusive $2,000 spot price that many investors and analysts were shocked and stunned when gold just barely fell short of that benchmark, and their disappointment has been made evident by the largely lackadaisical investing habits that have become the norm during the last two… Read More

Can the Gold Price Recover?

Gold climbed as high as $1923 per ounce in recent years, yet due to Ben Bernanke and his Federal Reserve’s shiftiness, as well as skepticism by some institutional investors, gold has since gone down, down and down some more. It was only a few weeks ago that gold was in the sub-$1200 range. Before that, gold had a crash in April that saw prices tumble from almost $1600 to just above $1300 in only a… Read More

Gold Price Falls On Housing, Federal Reserve Data

After a couple of days holding steady the gold price fell again on Tuesday afternoon as the latest housing data reached investors. Additionally, controversy over the Federal Reserve’s possible plans to reduce or eliminate stimulus programs such as quantitative easing shocked the gold price while at the same time boosting U.S. stock markets and the dollar’s trade index. As of 3pm CST gold had fallen $16.70 to $1369 per ounce on the COMEX division of… Read More

How Debt and GDP Affect Gold and Stocks

Lots of people tell me that they “know” that gold prices will rise because of debt, but in my experience they very rarely understand why that could be true. They often cannot explain their position that more debt equals higher gold prices, because it simply is not true. Similarly, others have told me that they believe stocks rise and gold falls when the United States gross domestic product (GDP), the value of goods produced within… Read More

How Does Paper Gold Affect the Gold Price?

The gold price fell in spectacular fashion between April 12-16, 2013, and immediately some started to shout that the bull market for gold was over. After all, what asset could fall by more than 10 percent in a matter of days and recover? More importantly, the factors that caused gold to drop like a stone from the sky must have been strong enough to outweigh any bargain buying, right? Wrong. Since gold fell to $1323… Read More