Gold & Silver Prices

Gold Price 1,193.60 -1.50
High 1,196.60 Low 1,185.30
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Silver Price 16.24 -0.01
High 16.29 Low 16.01
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    • Gold Eagle
      1 oz American Gold Eagle
      Sell: Spot +$55.00 - Buy: Spot +$20.00
    • Gold Maple Coin
      1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
      Sell: Spot +$35.00 - Buy: Spot +7.00
    • Krugerrand Coin
      1 oz South African Gold Krugerrand
      Sell: Spot +$35.00 - Buy: Spot +$15.00
    • Credit Suisse Gold Bar
      1 oz Pure Gold Bullion Bar
      Sell: Spot +$22.00 - Buy: Spot +$0.00
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A Wealth Of Gold Price Information & Tools

Welcome to Gold Price, your one-stop resource for information on gold prices. Our extensive knowledge base is second to none. From historical gold prices to current spot prices to gold price forecasts, we have the information you need. Information alone, however, is not enough.

Gold price information is nothing but cold data. Because information by itself it has no use, Gold Price also provides you with the tools you need to analyze that data and make it work for you.

The world’s financial market are in a state of confusion and uncertainty that has taken the vast majority of humanity by surprise. The foundations of society are crumbling and many of the rules that guided investors for more than four decades no longer apply. Gold is staged for its next ascendancy to global reserve, and that presents today’s investors with an extraordinary opportunity.

While the equities market is in this unprecedented period of flux, the gold price is certain to undergo otherwise inexplicable changes, some of which are likely to be severe. Those who not only comprehend the simple but imperturbable fundamentals of the gold spot price, but also follow the gold price very closely, will have the advantage.

Where is the gold price heading? No one can claim to know exactly what the future holds, but you can read the opinion of many of today’s leading experts in our gold price forecasts. The inescapable truth is that the world monetary system desperately needs to come into balance with total true global wealth, and that wealth is defined in gold.

We understand how difficult it can be to interpret the tidal forces tearing apart the flimsy world that fiat money built, and how that relates to current and future gold prices. Instead of being frightened into inactivity, protect your wealth with gold by giving us a call at 1-562-283-5391 and one of our expert advisors will help you make heads and tails of gold prices.

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